What is WTTB?

WTTB stands for "Wireless to the Building" and is a new experiment Hayai is undertaking in order to reach areas Hayai can't normally serve with FTTB due to circumstances beyond our control which prevent Hayai from utilizing or building the necessary wired infrastructure.

Fundamentally, WTTB is similar to Fiber to the Building (FTTB) - the plans are the same (excluding All-You-Can-Eat and 95th Percentile) and your premises is wired with the same kind of cable BUT there is no cable from our nearest PoP (point of presence) to reach your building.

Instead, Hayai uses a pair of very high powered, high-speed wireless devices between our nearest PoP and your building, with possible distances up to 30km (although we prefer to be within 10km) and depending on the operating conditions, the current generation of these devices are capable of greater than 1gbit/s full-duplex operation (subscriber plans are currently 100 mbit/s, so you should never see your service slow down).

You can see areas being considered for this service on our coverage map by selecting "WTTB". Since we'll need to work with your neighbours (we need to confirm enough subscribers to justify the installation of the equipment) and building management (for permission), you'll need to request Hayai to bring WTTB to your building or, if it's already available simply order an FTTB/WTTB plan.