Request Hayai Fiber

Interested in having Hayai install fresh infrastructure at your society or business park? With Hayai's FTTH/FTTP services, you and your neighbours will be able to avail of unbelievable speeds, right up to 10 gigabits* per second!

Introductory offer for societies ready to connect 25 or more subscribers: 5mbit/s flat-rate @ Rs999. See Hayai FTTH plans, terms and conditions

Fill out this form to tell us more about your location so that we can figure out if it's feasible and what we'll need to do to install Hayai FTTH/FTTP where you are! Infrastructure is installed at no charge to the society/building owners/developers, however individual subscribers may still be subject to installation fees.

Please note: This form is not for subscribing to Hayai or for general questions.

Examples: Manager, Property Developer, Owner
Rental fees and/or exchange services may be offered to the society/building in some circumstances (depending on area) - rate is annual (360 days) for space required (up to 1sqft). Hayai does not pay electricity charges for FTTH/FTTP equipment as the equipment does not use electricity.
Number of floors (including ground but not basement). If there are additional buildings with different numbers of floors, please use the tallest building and note other buildings in "additional information".
While we don't need the whole society to sign up (ideally 20-25% or 10 subscribers, whichever is greater), we'll need the co-operation and approval of the board to build out our FTTH/FTTP services. As an added bonus, we can optionally install Hayai Lite (WiFi) so that society members can get complimentary access in common/garden areas.
Will other cable operator equipment remain in the building?
Would the building/society management be willing to remove existing LCO infrastructure and grant Hayai exclusive rights for infrastructure in the building?
Has a resolution been passed to install or upgrade infrastructure in the building and/or is the society prepared to offer permission and necessary access to install, upgrade & maintain infrastructure now and in the future?
Please confirm that the email address you have entered above is correct and re-type it here (otherwise we will be unable to contact you!)