Network Status

No known issues

All systems are GO!

Network insights (near real-time usage graphs, link status indicators, core health) coming soon.

June Invoices

2015-06-14:0602 RESOLVED: An issue was identified with our invoice system (sometimes they weren't being sent out) for June billing cycle. Affected accounts have been credited.


2015-03-31:0336 RESOLVED: DNS updates complete. As far as we can ascertain all affected services are back up and running.

2015-03-31:0250 UPDATE: Affected servers have been moved to new hardware with new IP ranges. DNS updates in progress.

2015-03-31:0000 EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE on public-facing cluster:

A series of public-facing servers is not currently responding to pings. We are investigating the cause and awaiting a resolution.

Mail Server Issue

2015-03-07:1131 RESOLVED: Primary mail server issue was due to an incorrectly configured update, causing a conflict with the SSL module.

2015-03-07:0942: Our primary mail server seems to be at full CPU. We are investigating the cause.


Order System Issue

2015-01-15:0834 RESOLVED: It appears the issue with the ordering system has been resolved. If you have any problems placing an order or renewing, please let us know.

2015-01-15:0802: We're currently experiencing some issues with our ordering system due to an overnight upgrade. We're working on a fix.