Frequently Asked Questions - Coverage

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If the new location doesn't have the necessary cabling or infrastructure (even in the same building), due to the time and cost of installing the necessary conduit we use to protect the cables from damage as well as the new cables being installed, we will need to charge for a fresh installation.

These charges can be waived under certain circumstances (such as signing a term contract).

We would prefer to have 30 days notice for any move, with a minimum of 7 days notice.

The simple answer: no.

The less simple answer is that it simply isn't feasible:

Phone Support

Hayai has a 24x7 hotline available for active subscribers for all of your support requirements.

You can also use other methods such as email, live-chat, Skype, and social-media (such as Twitter or Facebook) to reach us.

Quality Control

Hayai owned and operated networks: Hayai continuously monitors connectivity and network load to all Hayai-owned equipment and has contingency measures in place (such as redundant routes) in the event of an interruption on one or more network paths.

That depends on the service you're interested in.

Hayai Lite, WTTB and FTTH

These services are provided using Hayai's own infrastructure, so we are able to provide specific information as to which buildings have these services. Please refer to our coverage map at

Which plans are available may depend on where you live and what type of infrastructure is available to us - you'll need to refer to our coverage maps for a general idea of what might be available where you are.

Some services may be delivered over Wireless (WiFi), while others may be delivered on Fiber to the Home/Premises (FTTH/FTTP), and in some areas we're utilizing a hybrid of 2 technologies.

WTTB stands for "Wireless to the Building" and is a new experiment Hayai is undertaking in order to reach areas Hayai can't normally serve with FTTB due to circumstances beyond our control which prevent Hayai from utilizing or building the necessary wired infrastructure.

Fundamentally, WTTB is similar to Fiber to the Building (FTTB) - the plans are the same (excluding All-You-Can-Eat and 95th Percentile) and your premises is wired with the same kind of cable BUT there is no cable from our nearest PoP (point of presence) to reach your building.

While there are typically installation charges according to the service chosen (you can find out the charges by clicking the "specifications" link below the pricing for the plans/services you're interested in), subscribing to Hayai online is FREE and we do not take deposits or advances of any kind. EVER.*

Payment of the installation charge and first month of service is due only when your installation is complete and the connection is active*.

Hayai Plus is similar to Hayai's traditional FTTB service but is only available in certain areas.

Hayai Plus offers speeds up to 1gbit/s (like Hayai's FTTH service) but as with Hayai's FTTB services, Hayai Plus is delivered through a partnership with a large infrastructure provider which has built infrastructure in a number of service areas.

Hayai's standard FTTB and FTTH services are not available in Hayai Plus service areas due to the agreements we have in place for use of the partner infrastructure.

How long an installation takes may depend on a variety of factors, but connections are installed and activated on a "first come, first served" basis only. 

This depends on both feasibility and demand. 

While we have a rollout plan in place, it is possible that certain localities may be prioritized over others if there is sufficient demand to warrant it, providing that it is possible to install the required infrastructure in that locality.


Plans are in place for most metros and several tier-2 cities (see future coverage areas), however, we do not have an exact timeline for each due to circumstances beyond our control, but we announce new service areas publicly as and when they become available, both on the front-page of our website and on our coverage maps.

You can also see updates by following our Twitter feed and subscribing to our Facebook page.


If we can justify it, yes, absolutely!

We have plans for a number of cities/towns/villages, but if your area is en-route to another city/town/village that we're planning or developing, there's no reason we couldn't evaluate the possibility of providing services to your area as well.


Coverage is dependent on your location. To get an idea as to whether you're covered, our interactive coverage map can help.

Simply check the box for the type of service you're looking for, type your PIN code in the box below and click the button. On the right side of the map, there's a legend to help you determine availability of that service in your area.