Frequently Asked Questions - Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Not currently, however, in order to make the experience better for our subscribers, we may look at bringing back Hayai Zone (as it was or in a new form) at some time in the future.


Following is a description of a feature Hayai does not currently offer and may or may not implement in the future:

[Some of the information on this FAQ page exists for legacy reasons and no longer applies]

Net Neutrality is a fairly long and complicated issue. On the whole, Hayai agrees with most of the basic principles: no paid prioritization, no blocking and no throttling.

Wire speed is what it sounds like: the speed at which the wire between your router and our equipment operates.

What "wire speed" means in real terms varies depending on which type of network you're connected to, but typically here's what you can expect:

While Hayai engineers both our core and delivery networks to be as congestion-free as possible, we reserve the right to implement traffic management within the network and on the network border under certain circumstances, which include but are not limited to:

Yes and no.

Some ports will be blocked for security reasons (25 outgoing and so forth) per international practices.

Things like Bittorrent, DC++ and online-games will work fine and are not blocked or shaped at present.

We're implementing a large P2P cache, and we're even experimenting with running a private torrent tracker for Hayai customers only (this way you can be sure that you are only using "Hayai Zone" bandwidth).

Downloads and Uploads are counted separately.

If you buy a plan that offers 100 Gigabytes of usage, you will be able to utilize 100 Gigabytes download + 100 Gigabytes upload, however, if you reach the usage limit in only one direction, the connection will stop working (for technical reasons)

Hayai's Data plans are limited only by how much data you purchase - we do not place speed limits on this service.

Our default usage-based plans include a set amount of data-usage (varies according to the plan), and is billed on a 30-day recurring basis. This data expires after 30 days or when it's used (whichever is first) and does not carry over to following months.

Download and stream more with Hayai Zone, FREE, without using any of your data!

Data included in Hayai Zone may include streaming content & files: