Frequently Asked Questions - Terminology

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Short answer: No.

Long answer: Not currently, however, in order to make the experience better for our subscribers, we may look at bringing back Hayai Zone (as it was or in a new form) at some time in the future.


Following is a description of a feature Hayai does not currently offer and may or may not implement in the future:

Understanding 95th Percentile Billing

The 95th percentile is a mathematical calculation widely used to determine billings for Internet connections that are provided as "burstable" (variable rate) bandwidth.

The TRAI currently recommends a maximum of 1:50 for residential subscribers and 1:30 for business subscribers, but it should be noted that contention ratios can only apply to (truely) unlimited plans, which means if you're on a usage-based plan (including 95th percentile subscribers), the contention ratio is not a relevent measurement.

[Some of the information on this FAQ page exists for legacy reasons and no longer applies]

Net Neutrality is a fairly long and complicated issue. On the whole, Hayai agrees with most of the basic principles: no paid prioritization, no blocking and no throttling.

WTTB stands for "Wireless to the Building" and is a new experiment Hayai is undertaking in order to reach areas Hayai can't normally serve with FTTB due to circumstances beyond our control which prevent Hayai from utilizing or building the necessary wired infrastructure.

Fundamentally, WTTB is similar to Fiber to the Building (FTTB) - the plans are the same (excluding All-You-Can-Eat and 95th Percentile) and your premises is wired with the same kind of cable BUT there is no cable from our nearest PoP (point of presence) to reach your building.

Wire speed is what it sounds like: the speed at which the wire between your router and our equipment operates.

What "wire speed" means in real terms varies depending on which type of network you're connected to, but typically here's what you can expect:

Hayai Plus is similar to Hayai's traditional FTTB service but is only available in certain areas.

Hayai Plus offers speeds up to 1gbit/s (like Hayai's FTTH service) but as with Hayai's FTTB services, Hayai Plus is delivered through a partnership with a large infrastructure provider which has built infrastructure in a number of service areas.

Hayai's standard FTTB and FTTH services are not available in Hayai Plus service areas due to the agreements we have in place for use of the partner infrastructure.

We determine business plans according to the number of employees at the premises being connected.

A general guideline is as follows:

  • Small: <= 10
  • Medium: 11 to 50
  • Large: 51 to 200
  • Leased Line: 201+
Small variations may occur from time to time depending on the type of company and number of actual users.

The advertising terminology used by ISPs around the world often confuses customers because it is different to the unit of measurement used by your computer when you're downloading a file.

As with download/upload speeds, there are no latency guarantees on standard broadband products (as opposed to leased-lines and other SLA-based connections).

However, we have set up a basic goal/guideline as to what we think you should get under normal circumstances:

Hayai's Data plans are limited only by how much data you purchase - we do not place speed limits on this service.

Our default usage-based plans include a set amount of data-usage (varies according to the plan), and is billed on a 30-day recurring basis. This data expires after 30 days or when it's used (whichever is first) and does not carry over to following months.

Download and stream more with Hayai Zone, FREE, without using any of your data!

Data included in Hayai Zone may include streaming content & files:

A Gigabyte is 1,073,741,824 bytes, 1,048,576 Kilobytes or 1,024 Megabytes.

What does this mean to you?

You could download:

  • 894,784 pages of plaintext (1,200 characters)
  • Between 500 & 1000 average web-pages
  • 4,473 books (200 pages)
  • About 350 digital pictures (with 3MB average file size)
  • About 200 MP3 audio files (with 5MB average file size)
  • About 1.3 700MB CD's
  • About 0.25 DVD's

Real-world downloading:

[This FAQ page exists for legacy reasons and no longer applies]

Flat-Rate is like but not the same as unlimited.

In an effort to offer more truth in advertising, we say our plans are "flat-rate" (as in price), rather than "unlimited" (as in usage), and consider the difference to be crucial to understanding how we are able to provide our services as we do.