Frequently Asked Questions - Choosing a plan

Find out how to choose the right plan for you

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Not currently, however, in order to make the experience better for our subscribers, we may look at bringing back Hayai Zone (as it was or in a new form) at some time in the future.


Following is a description of a feature Hayai does not currently offer and may or may not implement in the future:

Understanding 95th Percentile Billing

The 95th percentile is a mathematical calculation widely used to determine billings for Internet connections that are provided as "burstable" (variable rate) bandwidth.

Which plans are available may depend on where you live and what type of infrastructure is available to us - you'll need to refer to our coverage maps for a general idea of what might be available where you are.

Some services may be delivered over Wireless (WiFi), while others may be delivered on Fiber to the Home/Premises (FTTH/FTTP), and in some areas we're utilizing a hybrid of 2 technologies.

We do not currently offer the option to pre-pay for service on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis, however we do have

We now have annual pre-paid options for some plans, whereas certain services or promotions may require a term contract (12, 24, 36 or 60 months).


Accounts will be billed either monthly (post-paid plans such as 95th percentile) or annually (pre-paid plans such as usage-based or all-you-can-eat).

[This FAQ page exists for legacy reasons and no longer applies]

That all depends on how many active users there will be in your household and how much data you think you'll use.

If everyone is simply reading email or browsing the web but you're not downloading much or watching a lot of streaming video, you're probably OK with the lowest tier (currently 15mbit/s).

If you are doing a bit of downloading and/or streaming video, we figure about 25mbit/s per active user should be about what you need, so start with the middle tier (currently 30mbit/s)

Wire speed is what it sounds like: the speed at which the wire between your router and our equipment operates.

What "wire speed" means in real terms varies depending on which type of network you're connected to, but typically here's what you can expect:

Hayai Plus is similar to Hayai's traditional FTTB service but is only available in certain areas.

Hayai Plus offers speeds up to 1gbit/s (like Hayai's FTTH service) but as with Hayai's FTTB services, Hayai Plus is delivered through a partnership with a large infrastructure provider which has built infrastructure in a number of service areas.

Hayai's standard FTTB and FTTH services are not available in Hayai Plus service areas due to the agreements we have in place for use of the partner infrastructure.

[Some of the information on this FAQ page exists for legacy reasons and no longer applies]

We determine business plans according to the number of employees at the premises being connected.

A general guideline is as follows:

  • Small: <= 10
  • Medium: 11 to 50
  • Large: 51 to 200
  • Leased Line: 201+
Small variations may occur from time to time depending on the type of company and number of actual users.


If a company name is entered on the registration form, Hayai will first check the company register to confirm the address of the business.


Residential: Typically not. We have a Dynamic DNS service available which is compatible with most clients and several routers.

Business: Businesses may be assigned a singular address or subnet. The network administrator will need to fill out an IP justification form. Pricing may vary according to the block size. Alternatively, businesses can available of Hayai's Dynamic DNS service which is compatible with most clients and several routers.


The advertising terminology used by ISPs around the world often confuses customers because it is different to the unit of measurement used by your computer when you're downloading a file.

As with download/upload speeds, there are no latency guarantees on standard broadband products (as opposed to leased-lines and other SLA-based connections).

However, we have set up a basic goal/guideline as to what we think you should get under normal circumstances:

We've made selecting a plan quite simple: we offer a variety of services in a "small, medium & large" format.

Guidelines for Residential subscribers:

[This FAQ page exists for legacy reasons and no longer applies]

[Some of the information on this FAQ page exists for legacy reasons and no longer applies]

Short answer: no.

Long answer: it depends how much.

The short version: Don't be a bandwidth hog.

The long version: Our Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is not designed to restrict usage, it's designed to ensure that network resources are available to everybody without significant/prolonged drops in speed.

Yes and no.

Some ports will be blocked for security reasons (25 outgoing and so forth) per international practices.

Things like Bittorrent, DC++ and online-games will work fine and are not blocked or shaped at present.

We're implementing a large P2P cache, and we're even experimenting with running a private torrent tracker for Hayai customers only (this way you can be sure that you are only using "Hayai Zone" bandwidth).


FTTH/WTTB - 6 months*
Hayai Plus - 3 months* / Hayai Plus 1000 - 6 months*
FTTB - 1 month*
Hayai Lite - 3 months*

Small Business

6 months*

Medium Business

12 months*

Large Business

12 months*


12 months*

Term Contracts (all services/tiers)

Length of agreed term (usually 12, 24, 36 or 60 months)*


We want to make it as easy as possible for you to pay your bill or top-up your account.

If there is a payment method we don't offer and we see enough demand for it, we'll try to integrate it.

This would really only apply to flat-rate plans.

Should take effect within 1 hour of the change (depending on how it is submitted).

Users on data plans may purchase more data or up their bill limit at any time.

Unless you are migrating from one type of service (wifi > copper > fiber) to another and a new installation/hardware is required, there is no charge to upgrade.

Upgrades are free, but plan downgrades are set at 10% of the billing period charges.

Within Hayai's network, always, speeds are synchronous at up to 1Gbit/s. Outside of Hayai's network, it depends on the plan you have subscribed to:

Hayai's Data plans are limited only by how much data you purchase - we do not place speed limits on this service.

Our default usage-based plans include a set amount of data-usage (varies according to the plan), and is billed on a 30-day recurring basis. This data expires after 30 days or when it's used (whichever is first) and does not carry over to following months.

[This FAQ page exists for legacy reasons and no longer applies]

Flat-Rate is like but not the same as unlimited.

In an effort to offer more truth in advertising, we say our plans are "flat-rate" (as in price), rather than "unlimited" (as in usage), and consider the difference to be crucial to understanding how we are able to provide our services as we do.